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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

retrograde amnesia ???

aq dapat nie dri stu novel..
nma dye pown dh interest me..hhaaha~~

ok2...novel dye tjuk "ILHAM HATI'..
cte dye best...x sngt fun 2 spend time reading that...
ok....pyakit nie brkaitn ngn otak !..

dye blh ngat tp mklumat pnting x blh ngat..
eg : dye ngat all her fmily..tapi ble part kt laki dye ....dye lupa....

interesting right.. !:)
the loss of memory for events occurring before a particular time in a person's life, usually before the event that precipitated the amnesia. The condition may result from disease, brain injury or damage, or a traumatic emotional incident. (aq opy paste je......)
pic otk skit....untuk tontonan
*mlz gler an nk taip ..hahah

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