Mekasehhh awak2!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

back to the earlier post..

well,can u own friend try to tacle my hubby!!!!
oh!!!!!!no way..HE IS MINE~!!hehe..
she message my hubby..and she give him this message.. c 4 kimia,d 4 bio. idunno how 2 frenz 2 stdy.when dey in trabel,den only dey will look 4 me.if nt,im all alone.u also didn text me....
how ailly..thats what she text my hubby...
 oh!!!!i feel like want to exploded.....

mood:really unhappy...its a good thing im fasting today..
p/s:will be fasting until friday..insyaALLAH~~

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