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Thursday, 15 September 2011

just take my bath

hai!!! me again of blog right..well, i just took my bath..haha..
really funny..everthing i need to tell u all..hehe..well,from yesterday till this morning i did not eat a single little rice..
so this morning my stomach feel like making its own roomates also did  not eat amything same ike me..haha...really funny...just like im in a mood to diet..
talk about diet..the day after yesterday, i went to mydin mall..i took my weight, totally surprised that i gain55.6 kg..but i think that weight is broken..but if its corret i really happy !!!hahahaahahah..lalalaalal~~~

now,i still chat with my hubby in the facebook....surely i miss that guy..haha.
hmm,,that guy really stubborn..he say he was hungry..but yet still dont wanna go to eat..hmm,stubborn guy..
well,i think this blog i will be wrote mostly about him..hmm,,he dnt know all this..about my new blog..haha..really funny..
not that i dont wanna tell him, my previous blog i told him..but at the end he make it damage..and still until now he did not fix it right..huh~

k..enough for now..i did not say for today right..haha..i promise him to study along..well,i need t study as the exam just aroung the corner...haha..well,see  you  all soon..

p/s:just love to wrote everything in contrast can sharpen my ability in english..

that all from me..thank you...

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