Mekasehhh awak2!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

a sad day~~waaaa:-((((

today im feeling a little hubby cannot do well in study..he told me that he really hate in uitm there...i cannot do anything so sowie...

we keep cntct each other..but y 4 me im the one make him cannot study..huhu~~
so after chat with him at fb i do want to release my,i suddenly become crazy and stary conversation wtih MUIZ..haah~~~

that guy was really funny..haha~~he want to eat (KAMBING GOLEK) then i ask him how about (GAJAH GOLEK)..he say ok!! haha..that guy really cherr my mood..hah..well

today MU anD CHEALSE battle on the field..haha..hopping MANCHESTER UNTED win..

p/s : gud nite everyone....thanks 4 viewing my blog..hahaaa~~~

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