Mekasehhh awak2!

Saturday, 17 September 2011


today i have to go at DABS..(dewan al-muktafibillah shah) located in uniSZA..our sisters had graduate today..really happening...haha..our AGONG also there to give the certificated.hehe..oh! well,i just get to seen that momment..huhu..

then, i go back pray sleep until 5 pm..haha....nned to study la...

oh well, im really hungry right now...
back to my hubby had ask me that,  y do i love him..
then, i answer..he always there for me when ever i need him..he actually the place for me to be cute..hehe~~
then he ask that time i dont know what to say...coz i dont know...huhuh...

p/s: my fb pic..hehe!

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